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Back to Tranquillity! Join us on Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th. Stay in Camp with all meals and activities included. For pricing and more info, CLICK HERE or email

Announcing Our Newest Project at Camp:

Announcing Our Newest Project at Camp:

A major expansion and refurbishment of the infirmary. Planning for this project is underway, and we want to fast-track this project and make it available to the children for the summer of 2015. Please contribute now! Hit the red ‘GIVE’ button and note your donation is for ‘the infirmary project’. Email for more info! 


What a Success!

What a Success!

Jan Cohen Memorial Golf Outing: September 22, 2014. Jointly sponsored by the Jan Cohen Memorial Foundation and the Friends of Tranquillity Camp, this year's event was held at the North Shore Country Club in Glen Head, Long Island. Click here for more details and to view photos from the event now!

You're Invited to Visit!

You're Invited to Visit!

Celebrate With Us in 2015:

May 25, 2015 for Memorial Day

August 2, 2015 for Alumni Day

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Friends of TY

A Call To Action From Your President

Fall 2014


In last year’s Echo, Richard Lawrence addressed the question, “What if Tranquillity went away?” This is a simple yet powerful question that asks us to ponder the unimaginable. In addition to its being a summer home serving those in need, it is also a business that requires diligence and occasional special support, especially in rocky economic times.

To ensure a secure future for Camp, I will explain the evolving role that Friends of Tranquillity Camp must play. I speak as your President, armed with the insight gained by being a Board member of Tranquillity Camp, Inc.

The business model for Camp depends on the financial contribution of Cohen Family entities, and the Friends of Tranquillity Camp, to offset the negative funding gap between Camper fees and operating costs. This arrangement is typical in charitable entities, which is why they are called Not for Profit organizations. When Camp losses (the gap) and available donations are predictable and in balance, this is a perfectly fine business model that has sustained Camp for most of its existence. Over the past 63 years of the Alumni, since Elias A. Cohen’s passing, and even before that, there have been periods of time where this model has become unbalanced. It necessitated unusual fundraising efforts and changes in the operation of Camp that were expertly managed by Pearl and Henry Miller, with other Cohen family members, behind closed doors. In 1951, the very origin of the Friends of Tranquillity Camp, born as the Tranquillity Alumni, occurred soon after the passing of Mr. Cohen as a Call to Action to raise money as Camp teetered financially. That group of original alumni formed an organization to ensure Tranquillity’s ongoing existence. It was Noblesse Oblige in action. Those who benefited from Camp’s opportunities and Mr. Cohen’s lessons answered the call then and over the successive years. We are their descendants and must carry the torch when warranted.

We are now at a new point of financial imbalance that requires a new Call to Action. My goal is to promote understanding so that you will respond to our fundraising actions appropriately and confidently.

Let me explain how conditions have changed. It all starts with Camp operations. As a Not for Profit organization, the financial gap due to lower camper fees and higher expenses has widened and must be supported by increased donations. There are many reasons for this growing gap that are being addressed, but the fact is that the shortfall has grown and Camp needs more money to operate going forward to maintain our financial balance.

One set of entities filling this growing gap consists of the individual donors, foundations, endowments and funds provided by the descendant families of Elias A. Cohen, our founder. They and their funds have borne the financial brunt of the recent increase in Camp expenses and, in the background, they have continued to make major financial contributions to capital projects and Camp operations. The Cohen family entities cannot address this unusual circumstance alone, since many of the reserves that they have set up for long term health are being depleted far more rapidly than ever expected. Once again, like in 1952, they rightfully turn to us for help.

Finally it rests on us to step up, the members and benefactors of the Friends of Tranquillity Camp. So many of us have benefitted from the generosity of those who preceded us. While our generosity in fundraising has been successful by any measure, our targets must grow significantly under these circumstances. Our contributions ceased being purely project-related many years ago. Our contributions have become an integral part of the funding that helps pay the bills to ensure the children’s happiness and safety. They will always serve that purpose going forward.

This is an opportunity and a responsibility to which we all must be committed. Our fundraising must increase, and we will reach our goals through better events and programs. We must also increase our outreach to many more generations of Tranquillity-ites and to outsiders who care about our mission to serve deserving children and families in need. While we all serve Tranquillity for our own personal fulfillment, ultimately, it’s all about the children. I hope that my candor has awoken something in you that helps us collectively understand our role. How far we have come and how far we must continue to go. Thank you all, and may our talents, time and resources lead to a better future.

Yours in Noblesse Oblige,




Our Mission

“Friends of Tranquillity Camp” was born as the “Tranquillity Alumni” more than 60 years ago, and while we have changed our name to be more inclusive, we have not changed our mission. We still exist for the sole benefit of Tranquillity Camp, ensuring its financial future and funding capital projects, while supporting the deserving children who attend camp regardless of means.

We also represent the community of thousands of former campers, benefactors, and families who love Tranquillity for its ideals and unique approach to children, and who love each other having shared in the Tranquillity experience.


Want to join the Friends of Tranquillity Camp? Members receive a jar of honey in September and a bi-annual Echo in the Spring and Fall. The Echo is a newsletter designed to share updates on members and Friends of Tranquillity Camp events.

Annual member dues are $25. Please click here to pay your dues by credit card or make checks payable to Friends of Tranquillity and send to:
Friends of Tranquillity
P.O. Box 37A
Woodmere, NY 11598-0378