Mazel Grams

A big “Boom Chicka Boom” to Jon Garner on his new job as a lecturer in Neurological Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University in Australia

Congratulations to Sarah Menis on getting 1st place in the Robotics Regional Fair in Atlanta


Rebecca Brown has graduated USF Morsani College of Medicine - Tampa, Fla. and has begun her Orthopedic Surgery Residency at Loyola Chicago.


Mazel Tov to Daniel Menis on his Bar Mitzvah.


Mazel Tov to former camper and FOTY supporter Robin (Levine-Sadler) and husband Josh on the B'nai Mitzvah of their children, grandchildren of former camper and FOTY members Lewis and Lorraine Levine.


Congratulations to Hunter Scott and the Plainview Hawks on winning the New York State Little League Championship. Hunter was able to compete in the Little League World Series.

Future Tranquillity-ites

Congratulations to Brandon Pflaum and his wife Amanda on their newborn, Wesley Draker Pflaum.


Congratulations to Ilyssa Kleinert Kritz and her husband Jason on their newborn, Brayden Garret Kritz.


Congratulations to Daniel and Stephanie Cohn on their newborn, Rachel Tami Cohn.


Congratulations to Jamie Kupfer Hughes and her husband on their newborn, Landon James Hughes.


Congratulations to Genna Himmelfarb Custard and her husband Ben on their newborn, Dylan James.


Congratulations to Jennifer Pastrich Solomon and her husband Daniel on their newborn, Lilah Sylvie.


Congratulations to Dana Leff Doucet and her husband AJ on their newborn, Charlee Marie Doucet.

On The Marriage- Go-Round

Greg Politan is engaged to Stacie Rosenblatt           Ali Kaufman is engaged to Jason Jacobson

Cori Sobolow is engaged to Keith Landon                 Jackie Bamme is engaged to Jason Biegel

Rebecca Brown is engaged to Tucker Burr                Shari Jaffess Davidson is engaged to Jonathan Golub

Mike Pond is engaged to Becky Affleck                    Mara Brockman married Seth Dorne

Aaron Feldman married Petra Vaessen                     Lila Breindel marred Tim Fanelli

Sara Adler married Derek Goins                                David Eisenbaum married Claire Marian

Off to  the Halls of Ivy

Sarah Wachs- Binghamton University               Holly Gozinsky - SUNY Cortland

Rachel Gillman – SUNY Cortland                         Sydney Cassano – University of South Carolina

Skylar Ruiz – Quinnipiac University                    Stephanie Stern – University of Delaware

Lauren Rossman – University of Delaware         Jenna Goodman – University of Albany

Ali Schear – The Ohio State University               Jordan Cohen – University of South Florida

Jennifer Mindes – SUNY New Paltz                     Rachel Aber – Tulane University

Devan Kaner – East Stroudsburg University      Ben Jacobs – Towson University

Max Heller – Binghamton University                  Zach Mortman – Virginia Tech University

Mark Thurston – SUNY New Paltz                        Josh Thurston – Vaughn College

Max Scelfo – SUNY Oneonta                                 Noah Jacobs – SUNY Oswego

Ethan Klein – University at Buffalo                     Scott Budkofsky – University of Indiana

                                            Josh Rosen – Old Dominion University

Off to the real world

Aaron Brown – Binghamton University                Brett Kanter – Binghamton University

Rachel Friedman – University of Tampa               Carly Acker – University at Buffalo

Sydney Kaplan - University at Buffalo                  Stacey Weinberg – Western Connecticut State

Abbie Levison - Lewis and Clark College             Jill Faber – Cornell University

Sasson Rafailov – Cornell University                    Stephen Samolsky – Tulane University

Stacey Davidson – James Madison                                    Stefanie Goldberg – Binghamton University

Alexa Bergenfeld – Binghamton University         Stephen Bozier – Brown University

Nicole Hoffman – SUNY Plattsburgh                    Lisa Guerrera – Macaulay Honors College

Lucy Zicherman – SUNY Oneonta                                    Matt Pidgeon – University of Rhode Island

Kelsey Urrutia -  Binghamton University             Carly Messitte – University at Massachusetts

Ryan Gandolfi - University at Massachusetts

Ashley Newmark – Hofstra University (MBA)

Hannah Grossman – Stony Brook University (Masters Degree)